Not known Facts About argentine tegu

Black and white tegus may continue to be absolutely dormant, refusing meals, and infrequently stay concealed the whole time.

Humidity inside the enclosure might be enhanced prior And through this era to aid this process and you will notice your lizard bathing much more commonly.

A secure display screen top and/or vents needs to be furnished to assist with airflow, but be certain you’re not supplying a lot of of this, either, to the point that it will become not possible to keep up the appropriate humidity. Maybe you have to experiment a bit to have matters just right.

Tegus may be saved in teams and can hibernate in teams while in the wild. Even so, multiple male inside a territory may lead to conflicts.

Make certain your tegu can certainly enter and exit the greater, potentially deeper soaking container, And that i don’t endorse you permit your tegu on your own through “bathtub time.

This mixture has become greatly used by zoos and hobbyists and may securely represent up seventy five% from the tegu eating plan.

That is strictly for the protection with the animal(s), and you will be notified by e-mail if this does occur.

Reptile and amphibian foods should be diversified, which is why we provide an assortment of feeder insects for sale. It really is normally way more cost efficient to get feeder insects in bulk, which frequently saves around 70% off pet retail outlet rates.

Now the waiting begins. Preserve checking the temperature and humidity. also, check the eggs extremely gently by touch, to be sure they may have a leathery come to feel, not far too tricky nor too gentle. I'd advise investing extra cash on an outstanding thermostat. The eggs will incubate between 45 and 60 days ahead of hatching. Present Vermiculite for a substrate for your eggs while in the incubator.

[20] Tegus can be even be found in captivity, where by These are bred for your pet trade. They are really described to generally be extremely clever, turning out to be docile because they mature and in some instances even ignoring food stuff in favor of social conversation.[21] Even so, tegus have demanding husbandry necessities because of their big dimension.[22]

Not simply will you have good quality Tegu, however you can often come back and ask us for tips get more info or thoughts. We would like you to appreciate your lizard and give it the best possible treatment. 

Willingness to simply accept fruits will differ from animal to animal, but even a small amount can insert a great deal of wide variety and necessary nutrients to your tegu eating plan.

My Colombian tegu arrived in the other 7 days and he is brilliant! No biting or hissing and loves to be managed! S. Donovan

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